The most current phylogeny for praying mantises as represented in: Svenson, G.J. & M.F. Whiting. 2009. Reconstructing the Origins of Praying Mantises (Dictyoptera, Mantodea): the roles of Gondwanan vicariance and morphological convergence. Cladistics 25, 468-514.
Phylogram of mantis relationships recovered from a nine-gene molecular matrix (9.8kbs) analyzed under maximum likelihood in the program GARLI (best likelihood score = -479699.4153). Nodes are numbered 1 through 328 and those with high support values are bold, while those with low support are represented in italics with parentheses. Nodes recovered in mixed model Bayesian and parsimony analyses are marked with a black half circle. Biogeographical information is mapped on the topology. (*) denotes a monophyletic group.