María Carolina Medellín Ruiz

M. Sc. Student, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Email: callibia (at)
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Professional Preparation
2009: B. Sc. Biology. Universidad Nacional de Colombia
2010-present: Magister student, M. Sc. Science-Biology, Universidad Nacional de Colombia


2010-2011: Assistant teacher, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
2012-present: Assistant researcher, Entomological Collection, Instituto de Ciencias Naturales ICN-MHN

Research interests
My research is focused on the systematics, taxonomy and evolution of features in Mantodea. My work during undergraduate studies encompassed a project on behavioral, morphological and mophometric analysis of sexual dimorphism in two species of Acanthops. Currently, I am working on the systematic revision of the praying mantis tribe Vatini using phylogenetic methods. This work has two principal aims, first is the reorganization of the tribe’s taxonomy to reflect natural groups; and second, use the phylogenetic hypothesis to reconstruct the history of camouflage characters. My future research will be focused on phylogeny and revision of Flower Mantis.

2006-present Colombia (at least once a year)

Selected Publications (Digitized Publications)
Maria Carolina Medellín Ruiz, Jose Mauricio Avendaño Forero, Carlos Eduardo Sarmiento Monroy, 2007 “Géneros de Mantodea depositados en el Instituto de Ciencias Naturales de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia” Boletín Científico Centro De Museos Museo De Historia Natural  ISSN: 0123-3068   v.11 fasc.N/A p.148 – 159 , 2007

Julian Adolfo Salazar, María Carolina Medellín Ruiz, 2011 “Notas sobre Mantidos Colombianos Con Énfasis en la subfamilia Vatinae (insecta)” Boletín Científico Centro De Museos Museo De Historia Natural v.15 fasc.1 p.134 – , 2011

Ongoing projects
Phylogenetic analysis of the Vatini tribu– María Carolina Medellín Ruiz, Carlos Eduardo Sarmiento, Gavin J Svenson

Historical exploration of camouflage in horned mantis– María Carolina Medellín Ruiz, Carlos Eduardo Sarmiento, Gavin J Svenson

Testing hypothesis of sexual dismorphism in mantids: two case studies– María Carolina Medellín Ruiz, Carlos Sarmiento

Taxonomic revision of Vates Burmeister, 1838– María Carolina Medellín Ruiz