Type Specimen Image Server

H. coronatusAn online image database is under development, as Mantodea Type Specimens from collections around the world are being imaged using a high-resolution digital SLR macrophotography stacking process. Interactive zooming is supported on all types of Internet devices, and a 1 cm scale bar is provided for reference. Below is an example:

Hymenopus coronatus (Olivier, 1792): Holotype ♀; Repository- Museum für Naturkunde der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Collecting Method Galleries

Fieldwork Galleries

2015- Vietnam
2014- Vietnam
2014- Rwanda
2013- Rwanda
2009- Cameroon (GJ Svenson, JR Cryan, KB Miller, T McCabe, S Adams)
2009- Borneo, Sarawak (GJ Svenson, J Urban, T McCabe)
2008- Madagascar, Berenty Reserve & Ranamafana National Park
2008- Papua New Guinea, New Britain & New Ireland
2008- Vanuatu (GJ Svenson, JR Cryan, T McCabe, S Adams)
2006- Borneo, Sarawak (GJ Svenson, KB Miller, JR Cryan, T McCabe, S Adams)
2006- Zambia, Copperbelt Province
2005- India, Andrah Pradesh & Karnataka
2005- South Africa, Umfalozi & Krugar National Parks
2005- Peru, Tambopata
2004- Bolivia (S Cameron, GJ Svenson, TH Ogden, S Bybee)
2004- India, Assam & Meghalaya (GJ Svenson, N Hardy)
2004- India, Andrah Pradesh & Karnataka
2003- India, Andrah Pradesh & Karnataka
2003- Malaysia, Malacca
2003- Peru, Tambopata
2002- Australia, Kakadu National Park
2002- Australia, Tasmania
2001- Papua New Guinea, Eastern Highlands
2001- Australia, Southern Queensland


360° Images

One of the current projects at CMNH involves producing 360° views of pinned specimens. An early attempt that was a precursor to the current project can be found in the MantID online database referenced above, showing a crude 360° rotation of a Theopropus specimen shot from a few angles. This basic concept has been further developed to produce interactive 360° rotational views, such as this one of a Liturgusa specimen produced from 252 stacked-image viewpoints.