Peru Trip- 2013

Update: The links in the original post below are no longer active. However, you can view two videos on the CMNH YouTube site here and here.

Gavin Svenson, Nate Hardy, and Julio Rivera are departing on a two week collecting trip to the Loreto Province in northern Peru. You can follow this trip at the CMNH website where tracking information and from the field updates will be posted.

Otherwise you can see the tracking updates directly from our GPS link mapping site, which provides location data and location posts throughout the trip.

Agudelo visits ZMUH Collection

In October 2012, Antonio Agudelo visited the Zoological Museum of the University of Hamburg (ZMUH) –  just one station on his long trip through the European collections – meeting with Kai Schütte and Frank Wieland. During his stay, Antonio studied the neotropical Mantodea material.

Kai, Frank and Antonio in the Hemimetabola-collection of the ZMH.

Kai, Frank and Antonio in the Mantodea-collection of the ZMUH.


Close encounters - Antonio meets Idolomantis diabolica

Close encounters – Antonio meets Idolomantis diabolica


Visiting Lyman Entomological Museum

After attending the Evolution 2012 conference in Ottawa, Frank Wieland and Julia Goldberg (University of Goettingen, Germany) visited Lyman Entomological Museum in Montreal last week. Curator Stephanie Boucher kindly granted them access to the insect collection of approximately 3 million specimens, where Wieland and Goldberg studied the Mantodea and Phasmatodea collections to get an overview of the material and take pictures.

Lyman Entomological Museum Mantode collection

Wieland in the Mantodea collection of Lyman Entomologial Museum.

Wieland in front of the Mantodea collection of Lyman Entomological Museum in Montreal.

Wieland & Rivera at Evolution ’12

Frank Wieland and Julio Rivera present their praying mantis research at the Evolution 2012 meetings in Ottawa, Canada.

Wieland’s talk was titled- “Digging for the offspring: Multiple convergent evolution of digging structures in female praying mantises (Insecta: Mantodea)”

Rivera’s poster was titled- “The Mantodean egg case: evolutionary hypotheses on their functional diversity and its significance for praying mantis systematics and phylogenetics”

Julio and Frank next to Julio’s poster