Brannoch et al. Publish Mantis Morphology Manual

Manual of Praying Mantis Morphology

Sydney K. Brannoch and several collaborators have created the Manual of Praying Mantis Morphology, Nomenclature and Practices, which has been published by ZooKeys. It provides a comprehensive review of historical morphological nomenclature used for praying mantis (Mantodea) morphology, and proposes standard terms for use in all subsequent works pertaining to praying mantis morphology and systematics. Methods are described for the proper collection, preservation and storage of specimens for longevity and ease of study.

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New Neotropical Mantis Genus and Species Identified

Hondurantemna chespiritoi

Hondurantemna chespiritoi, A,B ♂; C,D ♀


A new publication in ZooKeys by Henrique M. Rodrigues, Julio Rivera, Neil Reid and Gavin J. Svenson describes a new genus and species of mantid, Hondurantemna chespiritoi. Different cryptic morphologic strategies are noted between immature and adult females. Phylogenetic and morphological analysis places the new genus in the formerly monotypic subfamily Antemninae in the Mantidae family.

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New Species Identified Using Novel Morphological Character System

Ilomantis female genitalia complex

Ilomantis female genitalia complex


A new publication by Sydney Brannoch and Gavin Svenson published in Insect Systematics & Evolution resurrects the genus Ilomantis and describes a new species I. ginsburgae using morphological characters observed on the female genital complex, a novel character system for delimiting mantodean taxa. Ilomantis ginsburgae was named in honor of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her relentless fight for women’s rights and gender equality.

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New genus and species of mantid from Madagascar




A new ZooKeys publication by Brannoch & Svenson describes a new genus and species of praying mantis from Madagascar: Cornucollis masoalensis Brannoch & Svenson, 2016. The genus is named for distinctive projections arising from the cervical (i.e., “neck”) region and the species is named for Masoala, the region where the specimen was collected in Madagascar.

Sydney Brannoch describes this research in a video found here.






Revision of Vatinae

Alangularis multilobata

Alangularis multilobata ♀


A new publication in Systematic Entomology by Svenson et al. describes the revision of the Neotropical horned praying mantis tribe Vatini (Stål) using phylogenetic analysis based on molecular and coded morphological data. The resulting taxonomic treatment includes a new tribe (Heterovatini) within Vatinae containing two historically enigmatic genera. The results also support the synonymy of three genera, the validity of six other established genera, and the identification of one new genus, Alangularis. In addition, the research traces the evolution of the distinctive disruptive camouflage features of this group.

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New Pub! Hymenopodidae Revision

Svenson, G.J., Hardy, N.B., Wightman, H. and Wieland, F. 2015. Of flowers and twigs: phylogenetic revision of the plant-mimicking praying mantises (Mantodea: Empusidae and Hymenopodidae) with a new suprageneric classification. Systematic Entomology Online


See the paper at:

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New Mantis Species Discovered in Rwanda


Female: Dystacta tigrifrutex

On a collecting trip to Rwanda in May of 2013, Riley Tedrow found both a male and female specimen of a new species of mantid, which he subsequently named Dystacta tigrifrutex. Tedrow, a Case Western Reserve University undergraduate, was part of a team of researchers led by Dr. Gavin Svenson.

Tedrow’s work in identifying the new species was published on May 20, 2014 in ZooKeys. Read more about this discovery and view photos from the trip on the CMNH web site.