Martin, Gavin, & Julio

Martin was in for another day of mantis work while we continue to image types.









Gavin inspecting Martin’s amber fossil of a Liturgusa (looks to be new!)










Martin looking over loans destined to travel with Gavin and Julio.









Julio imaging types sent from Oxford.



3 thoughts on “Martin, Gavin, & Julio

    • We are using the Visionary Digital Passport system. You can check it out at:
      It uses an auto lift (Stackshot), integrated with Zerene stacking software. The unit is controlled through the software and once you set your top and bottom, the lift does the rest (calibrated for depth of field based on your lens and settings). We use a Canon 5D with 50mm, 100mm, or a 65mm MP-E macro lens. We used three Canon Speedlight flashes with diffusers for balanced lighting.

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